Things to be followed while Fly during early pregnancy

Things to be followed while Fly during early pregnancy

Most of the people have the question – is it safe to fly in first trimester?? People thought that it may cause miscarriage.

Actually, there is no evidence of miscarriage caused by fly during early pregnancy. But the first trimester is the risk stage. One should have the advice from the doctor before traveling.

Travel during early pregnancy

In the modern world, traveling is the unavoidable one. But the travel during early pregnancy is a risky one. The flying does not cause any harmful effects to your baby or your body if you get normal pregnancy.

If you feel any pregnancy difficulties like swelling legs, nasal congestion or ear problems during pressure changes, you have to ready to face these difficulties.

Normally the fly or travel during first trimester does not cause any miscarriage or harmful effects to your baby. If you have any health issues during pregnancy, you have to concern with your doctor and follow their guidance.

travel during early pregnancy

Difficulties during pregnancy

If you have the following disease, then try to avoid flying during early pregnancy.

  • Significant vaginal bleeding
  • Heart or lung problems that make difficult to breath
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Increase the risk of going to labor before the given date
  • Severe Anemia
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease

Tips to reduce the risk during early pregnancy

  • Wear comfortable and loose clothes and shoes.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Don’t eat gas-producing foods before traveling.
  • Try to avoid drinks containing alcohol and caffeine
  • Getting an aisle seat will help to feel comfortable and can easily reach the restroom.
  • Just walk after certain period around the plane.
  • Wearing graduated elastic compression stocks to avoid the swelling legs.
  • Take essential medicines.
  • Always carry the important doctor reports which help to take the right decision during an emergency.
  • Try to avoid smaller plane trips.

Final thoughts

Travel does not cause any harmful effects to the baby. Early stage pregnancy is the critical period which has to be protected carefully.

Flying during early pregnancy does not cause miscarriage if you don’t have any other health issues. If you have any other health issues, try to avoid travel during early pregnancy.

You can travel in your third trimester, it doesn’t cause difficulties. But the best option is to get a discussion with your doctor before traveling and follow their guidance.

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